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Right now and in every moment, you are creating your own experiences based on your state of consciousness, your presence level, your focus, and your energy vibration.

Through the practice of Shift In Consciousness you can identify and reprogram old belief patterns that may be running without you being aware of them. These old programs when left unaddressed continue to run like a software program executing or creating the same old patterns and behaviors unconsciously.

Jose’s HCC’s heuristic approach to Shift In Consciousness and Conscious Living integration, supports the process of expanding consciousness, bringing awareness to hidden program motives, the releasing of unconscious beliefs and conditioned behavior cycles that hold old patterns in place, the integration of repressed emotions in the body through energy transformation making way for new patterns that are aligned with your authentic self, your best interest, and your highest good.

José Mojica
Holistic Consciousness Coach
at Chichen Itza

José invites people who want to experience a Shift In Consciousness to truly live and embody Conscious Living through their authentic self.

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I would be more than happy to discuss further the benefits of Holistic Consciousness Coaching, how it has helped so many people today to reprogram their patterns and unblock energies that hold them back from experiencing their authentic self, and what it can do for you. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

José Mojica
Holistic Consciousness Coach

It Is Always Your Choice

Conscious Living Community

Anton D.
Los Angeles, CA

“I was living in a different world! Until I became conscious and aware of my thoughts and patterns that were creating the very same feelings and reality over and over again in my life that were making me feel so unhappy but I didn’t know how or why. Until I began to actually work on them, that’s when everything started to change for me. The journey was not an easy one, I went through a lot of self denial, but I am now grateful that I went through it because the feelings of joy and laughter starter to pour in with tears and healing. I feel like I can breath better now, and really enjoy every moment even when things get tough, I now feel confident that I can consciously flow with whatever shows up in my life.”

Jane M.
Detroit, Michigan

“I can’t express how grateful I am to have work with José he’s patient, carrying, and loving. He makes you feel at ease and is fully open to listen and to hear you. His wisdom and understanding of the programming that I got growing up was a game changer for me. To not only see things from a different perspective, but to put into action and to practice what I’ve learned, has helped me to access a part of myself that is in now more in tune with my authentic self. I developed a sense of control through my own actions, choices, and self-awareness giving myself the space and serenity to live my life with joy and excitement, something that I’d struggle to do for so many years!”



Holistic Consciousness Coaching


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