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Harvesting Positive Emotions

Learn how to manage and to harvest positive emotions with practical techniques and methods

Stress & Sleep

Learn about the different types of stress and how it affects your health. What causes sleep problems and how to get a good night sleep.

The Power of Meditation

Learn what meditation does to the brain, the benefits of meditation, meditation techniques, and why meditation is so powerful.

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Everyday Anxiety

Anxiety has been around since humans were first worried about getting trampled by woolly mammoths. Today research shows that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness. Learn the difference between Everyday Anxiety & Severe Anxiety, the different types of anxiety disorders, the main cause and symptoms of anxiety, how to cope with Everyday Anxiety, when to seek professional help, and so much more.

Workplace Burnout

Workplace burnout occurs in nearly every profession. Even people who genuinely enjoy their jobs can experience exhaustion and overwhelm in the workplace. Learn what you can do when you experience exhaustion and become overwhelmed in the workplace. Identify if you’re burned-out or just tired. The significant negative impacts on your professional and personal life. The consequences of prolonged burnout, health risks, and outcomes when not addressed. The power of gratitude to help reduce burnout in the workplace.

Beyond Ergonomics

The human body was designed to move and stay active. Sitting for more than six hours a day can take a serious toll on your health regardless of whether you exercise, maintain a healthy weight and diet, and remain smoke-free. Learn what happens to your body when it is not in motion for prolonged periods of time. Different types of exercises and tools you can do and use at work while sitting or standing, and while working. The benefits of keeping your body in motion, how it affects your brain, body, mind, and overall health.

Adrenaline Addiction in the Workplace

When 100% isn’t enough, adrenaline addiction can undermine performance at work, especially over the long-term. People who continually foster competitive, high-stakes environments may sabotage workplace relationships. This can destroy their reputation and hinder their long-term success. Learn how adrenaline addiction can hurt productivity, the causes of adrenaline addiction, and how to treat it.

Workplace Bullying

Unfortunately, working with a bully is not a rare experience. According to the Workplace Bullying Institute and other studies, 30% of survey respondents reported having experience with bullies at their places of employment. Learn about the workplace bullying advice paradox, the four types of workplace harassments, how to cope with bullying and what you should do if you’re being bullied or harassed.

ADHD in the Workplace

Children who have attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), rarely have much control over their environments at school. As an adult, you may have more control over your situation. Even so, it is difficult for many who carry ADHD from childhood into adulthood to cope with symptoms in an office environment. Learn what ADHD looks like for adults in the work environment, how to work effectively when you or your colleague has ADHD, and practical tips for adjusting and creating the ideal office environment.

“…Fantastic lectures! The emotions lecture was very informative. It was such a great experience for all of us here at our company to learn together about emotions which play such a big role in our daily life, yet we don’t talk about much openly. The tools and methods covered are now part of our wellness program that we recently started thanks to you to keep ourselves motivated and engaged not just with our physical well being but mental as well.”

— Aaron H.

“Thank You so much for your presentation on workplace burnout. Everyone felt like they learned something new today that was inspirational and motivating to take action when it comes to taking better care of ourselves and our fellow colleagues.”

— Elizabeth M.

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